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December, 2019, Vol. 21, No. 4



The impact of the hyoid bone position on the pharyngeal airway characteristics among different facial skeletal patterns
Eglė Šadzevičiūtė, Julija Nazimova, Giedrė Trakinienė

Influence of preterm birth for child's oral health status
Sandra Žemgulytė, Ingrida Vasiliauskienė, Eglė Slabšinskienė, Kristina Saldūnaitė,
Julija Narbutaitė

An in vitro evaluation of microleakage of class V composite restorations using universal adhesive under different level of cavity moisture conditions
Alma Pranckevičienė, Rūta Narbutaitė, Jolanta Siudikienė, Robertas Damaševičius,
Rytis Maskeliūnas

Oral health of 12 and 15 year-old adolescents living in the social care homes in south of Lithuania
Austeja Rimaviciute, Modesta Domeikaite, Laura Mazecaite-Vaitilaviciene, Ruta Bendinskaite, Alina Puriene


The use of a porcine-derived collagen matrix for vertical soft tissue augmentation. A case report
Algirdas Puišys, Andrius Jonaitis, Eglė Vindašiūtė, Saulius Žukauskas, Tomas Linkevičius

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The use of a porcine-derived collagen matrix for vertical soft tissue augmentation. A case report

Algirdas Puišys1, Andrius Jonaitis2, Eglė Vindašiūtė1, Saulius Žukauskas3, Tomas Linkevičius1


Soft tissue augmentation is a well-established procedure employed in a diverse range of applications such as soft tissue thickening, keratinized tissue augmentation, improvement of the esthetics of existing dental implants and teeth, and crestal bone preservation around implants.

This case report describes a technique for the augmentation of vertically thin soft tissue in the lower jaw posterior area. At the time of the implant placement, after measuring the soft tissue thickness, soft tissues were augmented with a porcine accellular dermal matrix (Mucoderm, Botiss Biomaterials, Germany). After 2 months, during the second stage surgery, the implant was exposed and the soft tissue thickness was measured.

Key words: porcine-derived collagen matrix, xenogenic membrane, tissue thickening.

Received: 03 03 2018

Accepted for publishing: 24 12 2019

1Private Clinic "Vilnius Implantology Center", Vilnius Research Group, Vilnius, Lithuania

2Private Clinic "Doc. J. Jonaicio odontologijos klinika", Kaunas, Lithuania

3Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania

Address correspondence to Algirdas Puišys, Private Clinic "Vilnius Implantology Center", Vilnius Research Group, Polocko 21, Vilnius 10205, Lithuania.

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