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September, 2012, Vol. 14, No. 3



Review of the success of pulp exposure treatment of cariously and traumatically exposed pulps in immature permanent incisors and molars
Jekaterina Gudkina, Anda Mindere, Gundega Locane, Anda Brinkmane


Needs for prosthetic treatment in Vilnius population at the age over 45 years old
Kestutis Sveikata, Irena Balciuniene, Janina Tutkuviene

Augmentation of atrophic posterior maxilla by short implants and osteotome technique
Mario Santagata, Salvatore D’Amato, Luigi Itro, Raffaele Rauso, Gianpaolo Tartaro

Immediate post-treatment crowned Herbst effects in growing patients
Dalia Latkauskienė, Gundega Jakobsone

Standarts for permanent teeth emergence time and sequence in Lithuanian children, residents of Vilnius city
Ruta Almonaitiene, Irena Balciuniene, Janina Tutkuviene

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Augmentation of atrophic posterior maxilla by short implants and osteotome technique

Mario Santagata, Luigi Guariniello, Salvatore D’amato, Umberto Tozzi, Raffaele Rauso, Gianpaolo Tartaro


Introduction. Edentulous ridge in the posterior maxilla is often compromised by reduced bone volume. This anatomical condition limits the implant placement of 10 mm in length without sinus augmentation. The use of shorter implants with osteotome technique minimizes the need of more extensive sinus floor elevation, thus reducing the duration and morbidity of the treatment.
Materials and Methods. A prospective study was conducted of all patients treated between Nov 2007 and Nov 2008 who received endosseous implants that were less than 10 mm in length. Patient age, gender, height bone residual of posterior maxilla, location of implants, number and type of implants and Albrektsson criteria for success were assessed.
Results A total of 25 implants of 8 mm in length were placed with primary stability in 11 patients. Cumulative survival rates for implants were 100%.
Conclusion. This simplified treatment modality can make implant rehabilitation of the atrophic posterior maxilla more accessible.

Key words: short implant, osteotome technique, sinus floor elevation.

Received: 20 10 2009

Accepted for publishing: 21 09 2012

*Department of Head and Neck Pathologies, Oral Cavity and Audio-Verbal Communication. University Hospital (AOU) – Second University of Naples, Naples, Italy

Mario Santagata* – M.D. Ph.D.
Luigi Guariniello* – D.D.S.
Salvatore D’amato* – D.D.S.
Umberto Tozzi* – M.D.
Raffaele Rauso* – M.D.
Gianpaolo Tartaro* – M.D.

Address correspondence to: Dr. Mario Santagata, Piazza Fuori Sant’Anna, 17, 81031 Aversa, Italy.

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