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March, 2009, Vol. 11, No. 1



The First International Baltic Ossoeintegration Academy (BOA) Congress "Thoughtful Look to the Nowadays Problems in Oral Implantology. 12-13 June 2009, Kaunas, Lithuania


Attitudes of general dental practitioners towards endodontic standarts and adoption of new technology: Literature review
Vytaute Peciuliene, Rasmute Maneliene, Saulius Drukteinis, Jurate Rimkuviene


Three-dimensional assessment of musculoskeletal features in Class II and Class III patients
Katrina Zepa, Ilga Urtane, Zane Krisjane, Gaida Krumina

In vitro study of microbial leakage in roots filled with EndoREZ sealer/EndoREZ® Points and AH Plus sealer/conventional gutta-percha points
Saulius Drukteinis, Vytaute Peciuliene, Rasmute Maneliene, Ruta Bendinskaite

Occlusal features and masticatory muscles activity. A review of electromyographic studies
Francesca Trovato, Bruno Orlando, Mario Bosco


Three-dimensional evaluation of TMJ parameters in Class II and Class III patients
Zane Krisjane, Ilga Urtane, Gaida Krumina, Katrina Zepa


Accessory parotid gland carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma. Case study diagnosed by fine needle aspiration
D. Tamiolakis, T. S. Chimona, G. Georgiou, E. Proimos, S. Nikolaidou,
G. Perogamvrakis, C. E. Papadakis


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Three-dimensional evaluation of TMJ parameters in Class II
and Class III patients

Zane Krisjane, Ilga Urtane, Gaida Krumina, Katrina Zepa


The aim of our study was to assess condylar parameters and condyle position within glenoid fossa of TMJ in volumetric 3D imaging in patients with Class II and Class III malocclusions.

Materials and methods. The study group included 15 patients with severe skeletal Class II (mean age 18.0 yrs) and 14 patients with severe skeletal Class III ( mean age 19,2 yrs) with an indication for combined orthodontic and orthognathic treatment. CT examination was performed, pictures were reconstructed in three – dimensional (3D) rendering and measured in two dimension projection (2D) pictures using IAC review and Transparent bone programs to quantify following condylar and glenoid fossa parameters – glenoid fossa width and height; tuberculum articulare angle; anterior, superior and posterior joint space; height and width of condyle, height of procesus condylaris. Mean values were calculated separately for left and right side. Differences of the mean values were tested using paired t-test.

Results. There were statistically significant differences (p<0,05) between two study groups for all spatial measurements on both sides with larger spatial measurements in patients with Class II malocclusions. Also the height of procesus condylaris varied between groups with statistical difference. Unilateral differences were detected for width of fossa glenoidale and height of condyle.

Conclusion. Results show that there are a tendency for smaller condyle and wider spaces between condyle and walls of glenoid fossa comparing TMJ of Class II with Class III patients.

Key words: condyle, glenoid fossa, temporomandibular joint, multi-slice computed tomography.

Received: 12 11 2008

Accepted for publishing: 26 03 2009

1Department of Orthodontics, Institute of Stomatology, Riga Stradins University

2Institute of Radiology, Riga Stradins University,

Zane Krisjane1 – PhD student in orthodontics

Ilga Urtane1 – D.D.S., DrMed, Professor, Head of Department of Orthodontics, Rigas Stradins University

Gaida Krumina2 – M.D.PhD., Professor, Director of Institute of Radiology

Katrina Zepa1 – PhD student in orthodonics

Address correspondence to: Zane Krisjane, Department of Orthodontics, Institute of Stomatology, Rigas Stradins University, 20 Dzirciema street, Riga, Latvia, LV 1007.

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