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March, 2010, Vol. 12, No. 1


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Oral health and quality of life in Norwegian and Russian school children: A pilot study

Natalia Koposova, Eeva Widström, Martin Eisemann, Roman Koposov, Harald M. Eriksen


Objective. To document the oral health status, to study oral health determinants and oral health-related quality of life among 12-year-olds from the Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

Material and methods. The study was conducted in Severodvinsk (North-West Russia) and Tromsø (Northern Norway). Two schools representing each region were selected and all 12-year-old pupils having obtained their parents’ written consent were included (Severodvinsk n=48, Tromsø n=36). Background factors were collected by questionnaires. Oral health conditions, i.e. caries (DMFT/S), oral hygiene (OHI-S) and satisfaction with their own dental appearance were recorded under field conditions and possible associations between background factors and the children’s oral health status were studied.

Results. Oral health was better among Norwegian than Russian participants. The most important factors explaining variation in oral health were country of origin and treatment (filling/no filling) received at the last dental visit. Among parental factors, education and oral health status were of importance. Oral health related quality of life (OHRQoL) was found to be related to oral health conditions.

Conclusions. Norwegian 12 year old pupils presented with better oral health than their Russian counterparts. Oral health is of importance for self-perceived quality of life.

Key words: oral health, school children, quality of life, Barents region.

Received: 22 12 2009

Accepted for publishing: 26 03 2010

1Institute of Clinical Dentistry, University of Tromsø, Norway

2Department of Psychology, University of Tromsø, Norway

3Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Tromsø, Norway

Natalia Koposova1 – PhD stipendiate

Eeva Widström1 – Professor in Community Dentistry

Martin Eisemann2 – Professor in Psychology

Roman Koposov3 – Assoc. professor in Psychiatry

Harald M. Eriksen1 – Professor and Head of Institute of Clinical Dentistry

Address correspondence to: Natalia Koposova, Institute of Clinical Dentistry, University of Tromsø, 9037, Tromsø, Norway.

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