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March, 2018, Vol. 20, No. 1



Quality of life in patients with temporomandibular disorders. A systematic review
Dovile Bitiniene, Roberta Zamaliauskiene, Ricardas Kubilius, Marijus Leketas, Tadas Gailius, Karina Smirnovaite



Implant-supported prosthesis treatment planning aspects of Kaunas city dentists and dental specialists
Henrikas Rusilas, Laura Jacinkevičiūtė, Jan Pavel Rokicki


Uses of maxillary sinus lateral wall bony window in an open window sinus lift procedure: literature review
Elvinas Juzikis, Algimantas Gaubys, Henrikas Rusilas
14 -21

Treatment options for odontogenic maxillary sinusitis: a review
Rokas Aukštakalnis, Rūta Simonavičiūtė, Regimantas Simuntis


The oral health status and behaviour of methadone users in Lithuania
Rokas Aukštakalnis, Tomas Jurgelevičius


Self-inflicted face gunshot injuries: two case reports
Rokas Gelažius, David Kasradze, Albinas Gervickas

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The oral health status and behaviour of methadone users in Lithuania

Rokas Aukštakalnis*, Tomas Jurgelevičius*


Objective. To find out the oral health of former heroin users in Lithuania, who are currently on methadone treatment.

Materials and methods. Subjects of research are patients, who were receiving methadone as a medication for heroin addiction. The research was done in Centre for Addictive Diseases in Lithuania. Oral health examinations were carried out using a probe and dental inspection mirror. The decayed-missing-filled (DMF) index and Silness Loe plaque indices were used. Patients received a questionnaire of smoking habits, dentist visits, daily dose of methadone and symptoms of hyposalivation. All the data was entered to Microsoft Office Excel 2016 and analyzed by SPSS 25.0 software.

Results. Study included 49 patients – 7 women and 42 men. The mean age of these subjects was 40.3±8.1, ranging from 26 to 58 years old. Mean number of decayed, filled, missing and residual roots were 3.1±2.9, 12.1±9.5, 0.3±1.3, 4.4±4.1, respectively. Mean score of Silness Loe plaque index was 1.7±0.9. The statistical difference (p<0.05) was found between patients DMF and their visits to the dentist. Participants who go to the dentist at least once per year (mean DMF 15.55±8.7) versus patients, who go less than one time per year/ urgent situation or do not visit dentists at all (mean DMF 21.7±7.3).

Conclusion. Study shows the poor oral health of former illicit drugs users who are on methadone-based addiction treatment.

Key words: methadone, oral health, medication-based therapy, opioid users, drug addiction.

Received: 13 01 2018

Accepted for publishing: 27 03 2018

*Faculty of Odontology, Medical Academy, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas Lithuania

Address correspondence to Rokas Aukštakalnis, Faculty of Odontology, Medical Academy, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Miglos g. 6, 53273 Garliava, Lithuania.

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